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Simplify Robotics

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The automation solution for high-mix lines.

Deploy Robotics Automation in a Fast, Affordable and Flexible way.


About Us

We’re a group of experienced and passionate entrepreneurs, edge AI and computer vision experts, with decades of proven success in development and commercialization of innovative vision solutions.

We founded the company to close the huge gap between the rising need for manufacturing automation and the limited solutions that are offered today, by making automation a fast, affordable and flexible process.

Our groundbreaking solution creates a simple and affordable way of robot usage and deployment in production lines, which allows everyone to enjoy automation, including the challenging high-mix low-volume lines. We help large and small manufacturers alike, increasing production productivity and becoming more competitive in their manufacturing domain.

Because everyone deserves automation.

Our Solution

At Pashoot Robotics we believe in simple and intuitive automation.

Today, automating a production line is a manual process tailored for a specific task. This automation process takes months and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, renders it not suitable for SME and high-mix low-volume lines. 

Pashoot replaces this long and costly manual process with automatic code generation, enabling instant and low cost automation. Our solution is not only fast and affordable, but is also very flexible, allowing easy production adjustments and scales up as needed.

Blue-collar workers

Our Technology

Our innovative AI understands the production line task and automatically generates the robotic commands needed for deployment.

We transform any robotic arm to a smart arm with human-like learning and operation capabilities, learning new tasks intuitively and easily, and performing tasks in a human-like manner, with constant environment aware operation.

Learning a new production line task is fast and intuitive, and is done by a simple visual demonstration. The robot is shown the task it needs to perform, via a natural and intuitive demonstration. Our software understands the operation, and automatically generates the required code.

While operating, our software is always environment-aware. The software constantly looks and understands its environment, noting where the relevant items are, computing how the robot should act in order to perform the task, and activates the robot accordingly. The ability to understand the environment saves preparations (no need to prepare trays, etc.) and shortens the setups by transforming long and expensive hardware-based setups to simple and immediate software-based.

Use Cases

Pashoot supports a wide variety of applications, while new actions can be taught, simply, by demonstrating the action.
Below are examples of possible use cases for Pashoot's software.

DALL·E 2022-10-03 17.31.47 - industrial robot tending a punch-machine .png

Machine Tending

DALL·E 2022-10-28 16.34.24 - the robot is holding a blue box.png


DALL·E 2022-10-03 17.24.42 - collaborative robot palletize boxes that are coming out on co

Palletizing & Depalletizing

DALL·E 2022-10-28 16.58.25 -  a robotic arm bin-picking a part from a box full with electr

Bin Picking

DALL·E 2022-10-28 16.10.20 - an industrial robot, with a vacuum gripper,  is picking a pla


Industrial Engineer

Keep it Simple

Pashoot makes industrial automation
fast, affordable and flexible.

For everyone. Everywhere.

Modern Building

Pashoot Robotics
Pinhas Sapir St 8,
Ness Ziona,
Israel 7403631

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